How To…..

……..get started in obedience and rally trials

a person wearing a red shirt and light coloured trousers with an Australian shepherd dog. The dog is very close to and looking at the person. They are following orange traffic cones.
Jennie and Alfie competing in Rally

Road to Obedience Competition – Trialling

Owner and / or Handler must be Member of Dogs Qld. – You can find the form here.

Dog/s must be REGISTERED with Dogs Qld

Pedigree Dogs on Main Register and Limited Register – transfer from Breeder to your name, complete details on back of Registration and send to DQ with appropriate fee

Non Pedigree dogs or Dogs without Registration can be registered on either the Associate Register (here) or Sporting Register (here).

Once you are a Member of Dogs Qld you will receive a link to a Digital Gazette once a month.  Advertisements for upcoming Competitions (Trials) can be found there.

Details of how to enter will be in the Advertisement.  These are usually done online.

You can also find details of trials on Showmanger or K9 Entries.

It is a good idea to also have a copy of the Rules for Obedience, Rally, Tricks, Agility, DWD, or whichever field you are interested in. You can find the rules here.

a beagle jumping over a white fence on green grass
Elsa takes a tight turn on her directed jump

Traditional Obedience involves the Handler and Dog to follow the directions of a JUDGE.

The first Trial class is CCD – Community Companion Class.  No equipment is required, just you and your dog. Dogs remain ON LEAD for this class, except for RECALL and GROUP STAYS. You do not have to compete in CCD and can go straight to CD if you wish.

Higher classes are all done OFF LEAD.

CD – Companion Dog – you many need a dumbbell, as this is an optional exercise.

CDX – Companion Dog Excellent – dumbbell and set of gloves.

UD – Utility dog – Seek back article, scent discrimination articles, set of gloves.

UDX – Utility Dog Excellent 2 Seek back articles, set of 8 small cloths, 3 leather articles.

Rally Obedience requires the Handler to interpret and follow a set of signs around the course.

The JUDGE does not give directions, other than “Are you ready” and “Forward”.  From then on, it is up to the Handler to navigate the course.

Some people think Rally is easier than Obedience and in some respects it Is, as you can talk to and praise (verbally) your dog.

But in order to succeed it is still necessary to have a well trained dog, who will listen and follow the Handlers Directions.

Some signs are very similar to others and can be confusing. 

Explanations of signs and rules can be seen at the link to the Rules, above.

NO equipment is required for Rally.  However a copy of the rules and signs will help with training at home.

Rally has FOUR (4) levels, each increasing in difficulty and number of signs.

NOVICE is the first level and it is ON LEAD.  There is NO JUMPING in Novice.

ADVANCED is the next level and from here onward, the dog will be OFF LEAD.  There is ONE (1) jump at this level. 

EXCELLENT is next, also OFF LEAD, but there will be TWO (2) jumps.

MASTER is the highest level, again OFF LEAD.  However there is NO JUMPING at this level.