OBEDIENCE CLASSES  From 6:30pm Wednesdays

Foundation Course (5-week course): THE BASICS: This course aims at providing the foundation tools you need as a handler to train your dog to be well behaved and have good manners. Develop handler focus and boundaries. Basic commands learnt. Introduce leave it and foundations for a recall.

Class 2 BUILD FOCUS AND SKILLS: This class will build on basic commands. Learn basic heeling, turns, halts, etc.  Increase distractions . Beginner platform work and focus games 

Class 3 STARTER OBEDIENCE AND HANDLING SKILLS: This class provides more structured beginner obedience in a group – heeling, turns, stays, recalls, etc. On lead still. Proofing all you have learnt. Introduction to some of the foundation requirements for dog sports and training more complex behaviours.  

Class 4 ADVANCED OBEDIENCE: Advanced and off lead obedience. Range of equipment used, and skills learnt. Getting ready to trial in Obedience and Rally Obedience. 

Obedience for Competition – Tuesday from 6.30.  Practice Trialling Session (Supported and self-guided learning) –  (For those that are already trialing or wish to go into competitive obedience.)