When are classes held?

  • All obedience classes are held on Wednesdays. Foundation and class 2 are at 6.30pm and classes 3 and 4 are at 7.30pm. 
    • They last about 45 minutes which is long for dogs, so small breaks are provided. You are encouraged to take your dog out if they have lost focus and are too tired to learn. 
  • All agility classes are held on Thursdays. Starters and intermediate are held at 6:30pm and Advanced and Triallers/Instructors are held at 7:30pm. (Set up starts at 6pm)
  • Dances With Dogs is held on the First and Third Tuesday of the Month at 6:45pm
  • We hold other classes on a case by case basis including triallers training and noseworks.

You must pre-register for all classes in advance