What happens if I miss a week or two?

We understand that life is complex and for most of our classes it is ok if you miss the odd class here and there but for our Obedience Foundation Course and our Agility Foundation Course we ask that you try to attend every class where possible as each week builds on the previous one.

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How do I find out if classes are going ahead in poor weather?

Please check our Facebook Page – Here

If the ambient temperature at 6pm is above 35°C training will be cancelled

As the grounds are owned by Redlands Coast Council (RCC) and are a valuable cricket field to the local community, it is imperative that no damage is caused due to using the grounds when waterlogged. If significant rainfall or storms are predicted classes will be cancelled with a decision made by 4pm at the latest.

Our full weather policy can be found on our policies page.

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How do I find out what’s happening at the club?

You can follow us on Facebook – Here

Sign up to our newsletter – Here

For members we have a members only Facebook group – Here

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Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Short answer is yes and we need to see a current vaccination or certificate of Titre Testing.

Minimum Requirements

Puppy C3 Vaccination Schedule AND Annual Kennel Cough



Booster C3 vaccination every 36 months minimum


Titer Test after the first 36 Months and after 12 Months thereafter

You can find our full policy documents on our policy page.

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How do I join?

Please see our how to join page.

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Why do I need to become a member to do classes?

We are a volunteer run community club, so by becoming a member you have ownership of how the club is run. Redlands Dog Obedience Club is run by the members for the members.

Redlands Dog Obedience Club is a Dogs Queensland Affiliate, which provides our public liability insurance.

Membership is provided on an annual basis and provides voting rights at our annual AGM.

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When are classes held?

  • All obedience classes are held on Wednesdays. Foundation and class 2 are at 6.30pm and classes 3 and 4 are at 7.30pm. 
    • They last about 45 minutes which is long for dogs, so small breaks are provided. You are encouraged to take your dog out if they have lost focus and are too tired to learn. 
  • All agility classes are held on Thursdays. Starters and intermediate are held at 6:30pm and Advanced and Triallers/Instructors are held at 7:30pm. (Set up starts at 6pm)
  • Dances With Dogs is held on the First and Third Tuesday of the Month at 6:45pm
  • We hold other classes on a case by case basis including triallers training and noseworks.

You must pre-register for all classes in advance

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Do you have a puppy class?

Not specifically currently. Our Foundation course provides all the basics of how to train and good behaviours that a puppy class would cover and is suitable for all ages of dogs from 16 weeks to 10 years.

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How much does it cost?

To take part in classes you need to be a club member. To join it costs $20 per annum plus a $5 joining fee.

Our foundation course costs $75 plus membership.

Our weekly classes cost $5 per class.

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