Dog Sports

Redlands Dog Obedience Club trains and competes in a number of dog sports. Many people come to us because they want to harness their dogs energy levels, however to do any dog sport you need a certain level of obedience and an ability for your dog to work confidently and reliably off lead.

Not all dogs are suited to certain dog sports like agility or flyball as these are high arousal and high energy.  

Others like noseworks are very calm and utilize your dog’s brain rather than their brawn. Competitive obedience is more disciplined and structured but very rewarding.  Tricks and Rally offer another chance to do fun and engaging activities with your dog.

There are dog sports that may suit you and your dog, which can also utilise their breed-specific traits.  It is important to find the activities your dog and you are happiest in. 

To start training in one of the sports we offer you must have completed level 2 obedience or have been assessed to have met the criteria required to pass it.

For more information please speak to your instructor.

Beagle jumping through a ring


Agility training is specialised and offered on Thursday nights.  People do agility as a fun activity and to learn new skills with your dog, as well as preparing for trialling. 

  • We have three intakes in a year. 
  • Dogs entering the course should already demonstrate good focus, a reliable recall and the ability to work off lead.  It is recommended to have completed a minimum of level 3 in Obedience at RDOC, or be assessed as being at that level
  • Dogs can commence training from the ages of 10 months and above, however dogs under 14 months of age should NOT engage in jumping exercises as their joints & growth plates are still developing.
  • We offer 12-week courses in Foundations and Beginners (short courses) which requires that you attend all weeks in order to move up to the next level.
  • It’s really important to do work on exercises or training at home as suggested by your instructors as one session of training a week will not cement the foundations you need without lots of practice at home. 
  • We also offer an Intermediate and triallers class with longer more complex courses.

Not all dogs are suited to this sport as it’s high arousal and high energy.  Dogs need to display a reasonable level of fitness as there is running & turning required to run an agility course.

Dances With Dogs

Dances With Dogs

Dances with Dogs (DWD) is a Canine sport, approved by the ANKC as an official competition sport in Australia with competitions commencing in 2009.

DWD provides handlers and their dogs with an opportunity to demonstrate a skilful, choreographed routine, performed to music. Whilst having its foundation in obedience heelwork, DWD enables the handler to include innovative and creative moves and movement in time to music, giving the illusion of dance.

Dances With Dogs encompasses two separate divisions:

Dances With Dogs Freestyle
Heelwork to Music

Our club is very lucky to have Sharon Clark to train DWD classes at our club as she is very willing to share her extensive knowledge gained from training and competing in DWD competitions with four of her border collies.

DWD is suitable for handlers of all ages, and dogs of all breeds, size and age. There are no compulsory moves in freestyle, and the handler can develop the routine to showcase the dog’s strengths with no need to include moves the dog may find difficult.

DWD training is positive and motivational, providing the dog and handler with a fun learning experience. No dance skills are required to participate in and have fun with this sport.