Class Times

OBEDIENCE CLASSES  From 6:30pm Wednesdays

Foundation Course (5-week course): THE BASICS: This course aims at providing the foundation tools you need as a handler to train your dog to be well behaved and have good manners. Develop handler focus and boundaries. Basic commands learnt. Introduce leave it and foundations for a recall.

Class 2 BUILD FOCUS AND SKILLS: This class will build on basic commands. Learn basic heeling, turns, halts, etc.  Increase distractions . Beginner platform work and focus games 

Class 3 STARTER OBEDIENCE AND HANDLING SKILLS: This class provides more structured beginner obedience in a group – heeling, turns, stays, recalls, etc. On lead still. Proofing all you have learnt. Introduction to some of the foundation requirements for dog sports and training more complex behaviors.  

Class 4 ADVANCED OBEDIENCE: Advanced and off lead obedience. Range of equipment used, and skills learnt. Getting ready to trial in Obedience and Rally Obedience. 

Obedience for Competition – Tuesday from 6.30.  Practice Trialling Session (Supported and self-guided learning) –  (For those that are trialling, or ready to go into competitive obedience.) 


Dances with Dogs Alternate Tuesdays. Training with a view to competing in Dances with Dogs and/or the sport of competitive tricks.  

 Agility  Thursday evenings from 6.30pm New members start with a foundation agility intake or are assessed into appropriate level.

Rally – Not formally offered at the club at this time but integrated into classes and supported on Tuesday triallers session. 

 Scent work Monday evenings from 6.30pmScent work teaches your dog to find scents and aims to take you to competition level.