And it could not have gone better!

On Saturday the 30th January Redlands held its first Agility and Jumpers trial under COVID safe conditions. Thanks to the many hours of planning by our hard-working committee, an abundance of volunteers and a generous sponsor, the night was a huge success.

We had a limit on entries due to the new world we find ourselves living in but they all showed up, checked in and sanitized and excited to be back competing in the sport that we love! The Agility community are very supportive of each other and this camaraderie is very evident at the trials.

Seven of our Redlands Agility trailers competed on the night and a record number of club and committee members showed up to help which allowed our competitors to focus on their dogs. Their contributions cannot be overstated.

Amongst our team, we had some entertaining runs and some very close misses but also some great successes!

Lauren, who is one of our newer recruits but also already an invaluable member of the team, managed to get her final qualifying round needed in Novice Jumpers with her joyous Golden Retriever Walt, gaining her Novice Jumping Title and a first place! Lauren and Walt are always a joy to watch and are the perfect example of how much fun this sport is.

Well done Lauren!

Samantha, another of our very welcome newer members, got a beautiful clear round with her zippy little spaniel Harriet in Excellent Jumping. Harriet only ran faster on the night when she left the agility ring to race to where she was sure Mum had left her ball…

Samantha also ran her husband’s dog Finn. Finn is still very young and less experienced but rose to the challenge and worked absolutely beautifully under Samantha’s direction, doing himself proud. He is incredibly fast and will undoubtably be taking out some first places in the near future, especially with such a competent handler.

Vicki and her ever popular Beagle Elsa did not disappoint in the entertainment on the night either. Elsa was in great form and running well but some Pilot Error stopped her from qualifying in her events. She did still take out first place in Excellent Agility… that’s how fast she is!

Elsa is also obsessed with Border Collies. There are a lot of Border Collies at the average Agility competition and spotting one of these running in another ring almost proved too much for Elsa who tried to join it but thanks to our wonderful bunting, she was foiled.

Sonia and Jedda ran a lovely run in Open Jumping, gaining their second qualification in this event and taking out third place. Jedda competes in the 500-height division which pits her against the fastest of the dogs (those border collies again) so that gives you some idea of how fast this little Labrador can go!

Jennie and Alfie, her Australian Shepherd, ran despite Jennie having a serious knee injury and qualified in first place in Novice Agility. Alfie also runs in the 500 class.

It is a joy to watch Jennie and Alfie compete together as they really do showcase the bond and teamwork between handler and dog. Alfie adjusted his run to suit his injured handler and showed just what a classy act they are!

Tess and her bouncy Boxer Layla ran some lovely rounds and were real crowd pleasers. No Qualifying runs on this occasion but some great teamwork and both seemed to be enjoying the courses.

Next time Tess!

Last but by no means least, we had our lovely Kate running with Charli. Charli and Kate always run a solid round together and only the most minor of faults held them from getting clear rounds. Charli always manages to smile throughout her runs and knows she is a good girl regardless of whether or not she Qualified!

Topping the night off at the prize giving, we had some generous donations from our proud sponsor Eukanuba. Eukanuba specialize in performance and nutritional science and produce premium dog foods that have been fuelling sporting and working dogs for over 50 years.

Special thanks to Karen Deguet for managing the trial from beginning with advertising, to end with prizes. And to our judges, Bob Mills and Barb Murphet for the fun courses.

Thank you to our many volunteers and helpers – Ruth Harrison, Roz Jackson, Karin Burns, Margaret Patterson, Wendy Marshall, Di Metcalf, Gaille Newton, Rebecca Waldron, Sue Hunt, Kathy Brzoskowski, Sue Conway, Stephen Were, Sarah Were, Karen Moule, Gail Masters, Mal Duffy, Anne and Paolo Lencioni. You all were brilliant!

And thanks to Ruth and Ben for your photography prowess.