Club Merchandise & Training Equipment

Did you know we now stock a wide range of products to support your training journey?

Are you looking to start your tricks journey? We have both the official tricks manual and USB for starters and novice in stock. We also have limited stock of the Black Dog Wear Target Stick.

Looking for some calming options for your dog? We have a number of different lickimats in stock including the lickimat slomo!

Of course, we have our ever-popular Tate Animal Trainers Training Pouch, available in the standard large and the smaller pocket pouch size. Fully washable and comes with a great belt.

Looking for a great transportable boundary bed? We have these great travel mats you can take anywhere!

Of course we have a range of leads including long lines, short competition leads and the balance harness (Seen above) in a range of colours and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your dog. We also have training treats for sale should you have forgotten to bring yours.

If there is something you would like to see us sell, let us know. Products can be bought from the counter on a training night.