Saturday 1st February 2020

by the Redlands Agility team.

The start of the Agility Trial at Redlands

RDOC held its first Agility and Jumpers Trial for the year on Saturday 1st February. It was a great and busy start to 2020.

The weather had been extremely hot and humid over the summer which makes the conditions difficult for the dogs and handlers, however RDOC was well prepared with some refreshing paddle pools set up to cool the Canines. The 2-month break may have taken its toll as there were some very excited dogs. It’s always difficult getting back into the swing of training and competing after a long break.

 It was the first time the club had used the new barrier set up (as captured in the photo above by Sonia taken from the top of the hill). This system received some positive feedback from competitors as they felt they could run their dogs without the anxiety of feeling they were going to escape.  It worked well for all but the most determined of dogs… notably Jedda who managed a quick social visit during one of her runs, disqualifying herself in an otherwise clear round. Thanks for organising this Paolo.

The night had some good results showing that RDOC has some pretty fast dogs! With a qualification and first place for Jedda and Sonia in Novice Agility 500, and a well-deserved qualification and first for Layla and Tess in Novice Jumping 600.

Charli and Kate also achieved a tidy qualification and first place in Excellent Jumping 600. Paolo ran both Chica and Strudel as Anne had a very sore foot. He gained a second place with Chica in Novice Agility 300 and Strudel ran beautifully with Dad for the first run but decided to go find Mum in the second run!!

Winston also ran well and just a couple of handler errors cost him a qualification. His obvious enjoyment was reward enough for his weary handler!

A few of our usual competitors were absent from the night’s activities due to varying Canine misadventures.

Sonia, Tess and Kate with their dogs Jedda, Layla and Charli

Many thanks to all the judges, scribes, marshals, stewards and canteen peeps. We were short on volunteers for this trial, but the camaraderie of the sport was evident in the many lovely helpers from all the other clubs. THANK YOU! And thank you to Jeremy and Eukanuba for donating prizes for first place getters and qualifications.

Overall, the night was a great success and ran smoothly, no lights going out, no sprinklers, no rabbits running across the field, it didn’t rain and not a single Streaker in sight!

Our next Agility & Jumpers Trial to be held on home soil will be Saturday 2nd May, so please come along to watch, help out and/or support the Agility team.