Redlands Agility & Jumping Trial- Last one for 2019

By Sonia Austin

Saturday the 9th of November saw the last of Redlands Agility and Jumping trials for 2019.

Our hard working club members rocked up three hours early to help set up the rings, clean up the shed and prepare the canteen to ensure the trial ran smoothly.

A big thank you to all of the people who came down to help with setting up, cooking and serving at the canteen and stewarding. Your help is always appreciated! Thank you to Sallyanne, Ruth, Nicky and Julia who worked hard in the canteen and our fabulous stewards Denise, Gaille, Robyn,Sue, Alex, Dianne, and Karen’s & Christine’s husbands, Steven & Tony. A big thank you to our Trial Secretary, Karen D and Jennie our Jack of all Trades! We couldn’t do it without your help!

Thanks to Anne and Paolo, we had some new and improved bunting to try out, designed to speed up the putting up and pulling down of the ring barriers. Not only did it meet those requirements, it also gave a higher and more daunting barrier for any dogs who might think the outside of the ring is more interesting than the inside… more on that later.

That, and the new improved entry points were well received by the other competitors.

Redlands regulars had some excellent results on the night.

Shaaron Borg took out first place and qualified in JDX 600 with her young boxer Nelson who ran the course in great time and clearing the jumps with grace and style.

Piper took the night off to rest up after a busy and successful year.

Not to be outdone, Kate came in second to Nelson with her lovely dog Charlie in JDX 600 and also achieved a Qually in JDO. This is a field where every dog can compete against the others regardless of height and skill level though it is usually at Excellent level and requires dogs to be able to work at a distance from their handler.

Tess also qualified in JDO with her boxer Layla who managed to contain her excitement enough to stay on course and came in 11th place. Good job Tess!

Anne’s popular little Dachshund Strudel had his first run in Excellent Jumping and showed his mum up as he ran the course correctly in spite of Anne forgetting the course and taking out first place with a Qually to top it off.

Another Dachshund to compete was Coco with her handler Laura. Only her second ever competition, she did not disappoint, taking out first place in JD 200 and qualifying in style.

We are very excited to have Laura join our growing team of trialers.

Strudel’s pack sister Chica had less luck with Paolo as she struggled a little with the exciting atmosphere and the scary looking judge. Having said this, she has been one of the most successful competitors this year and every dog has its off nights.

Carol ran with her two borders, Sassi and Max with Sassi achieving the only Agility Qually for the team with in ADO with a 5th place and First in JDM 400. Max also placed first in JDX 500 with a clear round.

No luck for Sonia with her wayward Labradors Jedda and Winston, though Jedda ran well and was super-fast. She placed First in JD500 but overshot a jump when she ran too far ahead. The faster dogs can be hard to control in this way and have a different set of challenges in training.

Winston resumed in his self-dictated role as class clown. He probably should be brought on as half time entertainment rather than a serious competitor. He will run beautifully on one day and on another, he will choose his own course and add in a little Doggy Limbo where it suits. You can almost hear him laughing.

He also tested out the new bunting … had a good view of what was on the other side from the top of the Dog Walk and decided to jump the bunting and leave the ring. Challenge accepted.

To spice up the evening and cool things down a little, the sprinklers came on in the Agility ring late in the evening, much to the excitement of both dogs and competitors! People scrambled to save the electronic timing gates and cameras, whilst others grabbed buckets to try to stem the flow. This caused huge puddles to form and was abandoned quite quickly.

Jennie came to our rescue by tracking down the groundskeeper and finally getting them shut off after 20 or so minutes and the judge deemed the grounds safe to continue. It seems no one was ‘irrigated’ and nothing can dampen Redlands enthusiasm! Sorry for the pun!

This was a great topic for the competitors who reminisced about the time our lights kept tripping and leaving us in the dark, and to the night a streaker ran across the field and did some cartwheels for our amusement. Redlands always promises to be entertaining!

It was a great night to wind down from a busy year of competition and so rewarding to see so many people willing to trial for our club as we continue to grow.