Peta Clarke Scent Workshops & Seminar

Peta Clarke understands how animal think. She is an experienced and entertaining animal trainer. Working with animals has given her an abundance of amazing and hilarious stories. She has trained everything from a goldfish to an elephant and hundreds of different species in between.

She is based in Sydney & came to Brisbane to host a Scent works workshop & seminar. She explained that giving your dog an opportunity to hunt gives them a feel good buzz.

Our OIC Julia organised the most amazing weekend with Peta, filled with laughs and some amazing learning experiences. We had dogs with behavioral issues to dogs that wanted to just extend on their learnings. We had handlers that needed more confidence to tips to get that behaviour just right.

Peta Clarke is amazing. She has such charm that belies a very determined character that you cannot help but love. Her knowledge and understanding of animal behaviour is nothing short of astounding. But it is not her knowledge that endears her to you but her ability to understand what the reality is of what is happening.

Friday night saw Peta talk about all kinds of things from teaching sea lions to perform to seeing bra’s as birds nests.

Peta gave a fascinating, entertaining & thought provoking presentation about how behaviour works. She explained how to understand behaviour and how it shapes us and other species. She showed how positive reinforcement enables animals to enjoy being trained. We as trainers have to realise that there are so many things that affect how animals learn. Different breeds, age, health, emotional state, development, past experiences, time of day, if they are hungry/thirsty, and the immediate environment are things that we have to take into consideration when training our dogs. These are things that influence our training. Peta backs up her experience with the science behind it. She explained that if we are working with a dog or any other species if we understand the laws of learning & implement these we can predict the behaviour change.

For the rest of the weekend the days were broken up into 4 hr sessions, taking in behaviour modification, beginner scentworks, free shaping and advanced noseworks.

Free Shaping Workshop

Peta demonstrated to the trainers on how to build a behaviour by precise reinforcement. The clicker says ‘that is what I want’ and the food follows. She showed that she does not guide or prompt the behaviour, she selects the behaviour that is close to the end goal. As she raises the criteria, she withholds the click and waits for a movement closer to the goal.

Ruth did some free shaping with Biscuit holding a dumbbell and going to and staying on a mat.

28/9 Saturday afternoon Workshop Beginners Noseworks

Peta had the trainers and dogs starting off with empty cardboard boxes with a treat hidden inside one of them. The dogs were encouraged to go free and sniff around the boxes, when they found the treat, they got to eat it and were then rewarded at the spot with another treat. No wonder they loved this game.

Jan and Herbie had a great time outside with the boxes and Herbie enjoyed being off lead.

Brendan and Lassie did some empty box work also. Lassie being vision impaired really enjoys this game.

Vicki and Elsa showed us how it was done, Elsa is a natural when it comes to finding food.

Sonia and Jedda also made finding food hidden in boxes look easy.

Sunday afternoon : Advanced Noseworks Workshop

The session started off with a group of handlers asking their dogs to search and find an odour (we only used Birch) inside the room. It was quite confronting as it was a strange room that the dogs had never been in, it was crowded with a lot of people watching and the handlers did not know where the odour was hidden. Peta challenged the group by hiding the odour in a wrapped up mat which the dogs & handlers could not see. Other ‘hides’ were up high where the dog had to jump up to indicate. It was quite a challenging workshop.

Outside scent work

Peta hid some Birch odour on an outside building up high and another imbedded in the grass area. The handlers did not know where the ‘hides’ were located. It was difficult for the handlers and dogs as it was windy and it had been an area where other dogs had been walking/toileting. Also, most of the handlers had trouble with not realizing their dog’s “alert”, but they all managed to find the odour. The dogs loved it.

All in all it was a fantastic learning experience for everyone who went along. Huge thanks to Peta Clarke for fitting us in before the end of the year, to Julia for organising and hosting Peta, to Aveo for letting us use their facility and to everyone who came along.

Fire at the Flyball Nationals 2019

The 2019 Redlands Flyball Racing Teams

Flyball Nationals. Over 200 dogs, their handlers, box loaders, ball shaggers; stats recorders, support crews, junior handlers, photographers, interested members of the public, judges, stewards, commentator Paul, timekeepers and behind the scene organisers gathered together at Wacol to compete in arguably the most fun a dog and loving owner can have.

An immense congratulations and thanks must go to Awesome Pawsome for the massive effort they put into organising and running such a big event. Special thanks go too to the sponsors of this great event. Thanks go to all the teams from NSW, VIC, the ACT and QLD, who competed with a wonderful sense of camaraderie and enjoyment over the three days.

As for Redlands, thanks to all our team members who pulled together to support and cheer each other on over the course of the event. Congratulations to Turn’n’ Burn who placed second in their division with a time of 26.946 seconds; to Burn’n’Action for placing third in their division with a time of 24.765 ; Back’n’Action who placed third with a PB time of 17.941; and Burn’n’Bolt who also placed third with a time of 17.576. Congratulations goes to Nick with Meeka for achieving the coveted triple zero start on Sunday.

Also well done to Kym and Fenway for his debut at this event a big ask for a new dog he ran well with the best time of 5.30. with just, a couple of hick-ups will only get better.

Congratulations to the QLD clubs for winning their divisions
Airborne Special Ops Div 2 winners
Absolutely Awesome Div 6 Winners
Pine Rivers Devils Div 8 Winners

What a great three days for the sport of Flyball – the 21st Also Congratulations to all our interstate teams that won their divisions and for giving us some great racing over the 3 days .

You can check out some awesome shots from Blues Buddies Photography – Here

RDOC puts the Sizzle in at Bunnings.

The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle is an Aussie icon, it’s not about the food, it’s just a snag & onions on a piece of bread with some sauce, but it’s a tradition and Bunnings customers seem to love them. Bunnings have the recipe for success, it’s one of the most successful corporate-sponsored community events held all over Australia.

Some people buy a sausage on their way in to Bunnings, then another on their way out.

We had people asking for a sausage at 7am when we weren’t quite ready, we had people wanting them after 4pm when we had stopped serving, turned off the BBQ and the bread had been packed away, they didn’t mind, they still wanted a cold sausage.

Chewing the Fat

Preparation before the day involved

Ruth applying for the opportunity to do the sausage sizzle months in advance.

Karin, Jennie, Brendan & Ken went to the mid-week Bunnings induction.

Sallyanne, Jennie & Karin doing a few shopping trips & delivering sausages to Hogans cold room. The young guy at the Woolies register asked me if I was having a party, I said I might when this is over.

Karin organising a working roster so we had 4 people there at once and some overlap of shifts to train the next group people starting.

Jennie organised the float with Vicki

Vicki donated all the ice & loaned Hogan’s huge eskies & stored the sausages overnight.

Colleen & Brendan donated some bain marees which were perfect for the bbq, they really kept everything hot.

Julia donated the zig zag metal holder which made things so much easier. We could place the bread, sausage, onions wrapped in a napkin on this tray which held everything in place. Bunnings have a strict safety rule that onions have to be placed on the bread first with the sausage on top! The customers could then add their own sauce.

Recipe for Success

ON the day we had 11 RDOC members and 1 husband helping serve customers, cook on the bbq and handle the money.

We all wore our RDOC shirts and caps.

We had a few people asking for dog training advice.

Ken, not being a dog handler, jokingly advised people to get a cat instead.

The day started at 6am with a nice fine hot day.  Karin & Ken met Vicki at Hogans to pick up the 61kg of sausages 4 huge eskies of ice & loaded them all into Ken’s van. He then delivered these to bunnings capalaba along with all the cooking utensils, cans of soft drink, sauces etc.

Jennie, Aaron, Brendan & Sallyanne went straight to Bunnings at 6am to set up the BBQ & meet the delivery of 25kg of fresh onions. 

Thankfully we had Aaron & Ken to unload all the sausages and 340 cans of soft drink as this was heavy work.

Sallyanne & Brendan then went to go buy the 50 loaves of fresh bread when Woolies opended at 7am.

Aaron was first up on the bbq

He was kept busy as the crowds started pouring in around 11am and we came close to not having any sausages cooked.

Sallyanne, Jan, Tess, Sonia, Karen L, Carmen, Dawn, Karin and Vicki did all the serving and collecting money. Vicki was great at making sure all the customer’s orders were taken.

John & Ken then worked the BBQ & again we came close to not having any cooked sausages ready later in the day, it was difficult to predict the quantities. I think the rule we used was when you think we’ve got enough sausages ready, then you need to cook some more.

We stopped serving at 4pm & a few customers still wanted some sausages.

It started to cloud over and get really gusty, it looked like it was going to storm.

At the end of the day, Carmen, Karin, Ken, Dawn and Sonia cleaned the BBQ, swept & mopped the floors & packed up the BBQ

The windy conditions made it difficult, but luckily (for us) it didnt rain.

We finished about 5pm.

Got home & had a few bevies to celebrate as we had made a profit and had to store the left over bread & sausages in Karin’s freezer then drive to Jan’s at Vicky Point to store the rest of the bread in Jan’s freezer.

On the Monday, Karin returned the eskies & Jennie took the money to Hogan’s to count

Ken’s van was still loaded with left over drinks which he delivered back to the club along with the sauces, cooking utensils etc.

Then I had some more celebratory drinks when it was all done.

Everyone involved said they had a great time, it was fun working together and chatting to the customers. Well worth the time and energy and a great team effort.

A huge thanks to everyone that helped organise and participate on the day. Massive thanks to Karin who organised it all, Sallyanne for organising the food, Brendan for opening up and Vicki and Hogans for providing assistance with storage and coins. THANK YOU

Till next time.

Important Dates

Last Intake for 2019 – Wed 6th Nov

This will be the last opportunity for new members to join in 2019.

End of year Party for Members – 4th Dec from 6:30pm

The evening will consist of fun and games, prize giving, a free sausage sizzle, bring a plate and awards presentations.

This will also be the last week for club training. Classes will recommence in Jan 2020

First Training Session 2020 for current members – Week Beginning 20th Jan 2020

All classes will restart for current members in the week.

First Intake of 2020 – Feb 5th 2020

Details will posted on our Facebook Page and in our newsletter nearer the time.

Trophy Applications 2019

Jan Dixon, our Trial Secretary is managing the trophies and awards for the end of year Awards Night which will be on Wednesday 4th Dec 2019.

RDOC members have achieved a lot of Titles this year, so to make it easier to get the Awards ready, we have asked the coordinators of Obedience, Rally O, Flyball, Agility and Dances with Dogs to draw up a list of dogs who have gained a title in their discipline this year between 1/11/18 – 31/10/19. 

If you have achieved a title in this time period you will need to provide to your coordinator a copy of your Title Certificates and give them your plaque if you already have one, for engraving.

If this is the first time you have achieved a title, you will be provided with a club plaque.

If you have gained a Title in another dog sport recognised by DQ, please apply direct to Jan on: or in person at the Club.