All Dog Sports Spectacular

Sunday 25th August 2019

Ruth at the RDOC stand ready to go

On Sunday 25th August, Dogs Queensland hosted its annual All Dog Sports Spectacular at its Durack showgrounds. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours attended. It is one of the biggest canine one day events of the year in Queensland. The All Dog Sports Spectacular highlights everything in dog sports for the pedigree as well as cross bred dogs.

Some of our new merchandise that can now be purchased at the shed at reduced prices for members. The licki mats were flying out the door at the ADSS.

Different dog breeds were originally specifically bred for different purposes, to work, to assist and serve human kind. Nowadays, a lot of their jobs are no longer required; therefore our modern dogs can now be trained for fun and sport. The All Dog Sports Spectacular celebrates all the wonderful activities you and your family can be involved in with your canine family member and it was all there in the one place. 

There were stalls selling dog equipment, dog treats, toys and dog food, as well as stalls giving out free show bags and samples and games and competitions. This year they had a fire truck display compete with delightful Dalmatians for photo opportunities.

Kate and Charli and Ice Cream
Ruth and Biscuit, visiting Vicki and Elsa at the agility tent!

We had Ruth, Wendy, Nicky, and Sally Anne manning the RDOC gazebo and selling dog leads, licki mats and bowls. The show grounds are huge so there was plenty of space for parking, and for each sport to be far enough away from each other. There was space for camping as well as an off lead dog park on the grounds, everything your canine desired

Elsa the flying Beagle

There were so many dog sports on offer, such as Agility, Fly ball, Obedience, Rally O, Dances with Dogs, Gun Dog Retrieving, Tracking, Lure Coursing, and Duck Herding, just to name a few.

Vicki, Shaaron and Sonia

One of the most popular, exciting and action packed dog sports is the Agility and Jumping. Redlands Dog Obedience Club had Shaaron and her brindle Boxers, Piper and Nelson doing well with Nelson achieving a qualification in JD. It was a tough course, with lots of distractions and the day was quite warm so unfortunately no more quallies for the day. Kate did come close to qualifying, but with the newer, tighter rules, unfortunately for Charli, any hesitation is counted as a refusal. Sonia and Winston also came close with a nice run but he was feeling the heat and just clipped one of the bars. Shaaron also ran her other Boxer, Piper who had a clear run in Master Jumping, but it was just over time, so didn’t qualify. Vicki said today Elsa just went “Beagle!”

At the far end of the grounds, where things were a bit quieter, were the Obedience and Rally O rings. We had club members Caroline and Julia competing in Rally O and Colleen competing in both Rally and Obedience. It was hot and dusty and a lot of the dogs were feeling the heat.

Caroline and her black and white Border Collie, Groot did well and gained First place in Rally O Advance which gave him his RA Title.

Some of our Flyballers getting ready to RUN!

Fly-ball is another increasingly popular dog sport that is fast and action packed. The noise was deafening and the excitement was palpable! We had two Redlands teams competing. Both teams delivered excellent performances winning their respective divisions despite the warm and dusty conditions making it slightly challenging for the dogs. This sport attracts a bit of a crowd and it was great to see so many members of the public come over to watch.

In the Dances with Dogs arena we had Sharon and her Border Collie Holly doing very well. They gained several first placings in DWD Advanced freestyle. Caroline and Adam also fitted in some time for some successful dancing. They had 2 firsts in DWD Starter Freestyle.

Sharon and Holly Dancing to New York

Overall  it was an entertaining day out and the dogs enjoyed all the interesting sights, sounds and smells. So if you are interested in trying out some fun dog sports with your dog it would be well worth a visit for next year. The venue is dog friendly and child friendly so it’s a great day out for the whole family. Your dog doesn’t have to be a pedigree or a specific breed to do these sports, although choosing the most suitable sport usually depends on the personality and natural drive of the individual dog.

Whatever you decide, you and your dog will no longer be satisfied with just going for a walk around the block when you see all the fun activities on offer!