Redlands RallyO Wrap

The last day in August saw Jan Dixon pull together yet another faultless trial. With a whopping 80+ entries and 4 judges over two trials, it was all over by 10pm with minimum fuss and lots of qualifications and even a few titles!

The evening was calm and a little on chilly side, but our judges Cyn. D Fisher, Desmond Strong, Olaf Moller and Bevan Stewart set up some interesting and challenging courses that kept all our entrants on their toes. Thank you to our judges for their time and expertise on the night.

We had not only a significant number of entrants but volunteers galore which meant our competitors could concentrate on competing. A massive thanks to all our stewards and canteen helpers, Colleen, Brendan, Sallyanne, Sue, Kiera, Carmen, Anne, and Dawn, as well as a few others. We really can’t run these events without your help.

The evening started off with the usual walk of the course, with Bevan taking his competitors around his ring going through all the elements in great detail. A number of the competitors mentioned how helpful this was, especially on what was a complex and challenging course.

Bevan showing the competitors around the Excellent A course
Jennie isn’t sure this course is for her!

Not only were the courses excellent, Redlands came home with a bucket load of qualifications!

Caro & Adam – 98 & 100 pts and 2 x 1st s  in Master

Caro on her perfect, 100 pt run out with Adam.

Caro & Groot – 86 pts and qualification in Excellent A

Alex & Flynn – 99 & 96 pts and 2 x 1st s in Novice and RN TITLE!!! Off to Advanced for Alex and Flynn, great work.

Not a bad effort from Alex and Flynn, one pesky mark away from a perfect score!

Carol is quickly showing us how it is done with more quallies and placings for both Max and Sassi.

Carol & Max – 93 & 83 pts and a 1st and 2nd  in Advanced A

Carol & Sassi – 89 & 89 pts and a 1st and 2nd  in Advanced A

After an aborted start Nicky and Ada got it together to bring home the bacon.

Nicky & Ada – 93pts in Novice and RN TITLE!!!

Nicky and Ada heading to Advanced next time out.

First timers Glennis & Ruby used the familirity of home ground to gain their first qualification in Novice with 82 pts! Well done, we are looking forward to see this pair going onwards.

A relieved Glennis at the end of their first ever run out.

Sonia and Jedda had a great day out and used the familiarity of home turf to great effect and awesome results.

Sonia & Jedda – 94 & 95pts and 2 x 1st s in Advanced A

Sonia & Jedda – 93 & 89pts and 2 x 1st s in Excellent A

Fantastic results from Sonia and Jedda

Jennie & Alfie continue to forge through the comps with more qualifications and placings, with 84 & 92 pts and a 2nd  in Excellent A.

As usual great focus from Alfie.
You get two extra chances in RallyO and here is Jennie having a second go at an exercise. These can make the difference between and qualification and not qualifying.

Finally another great exhibition of fun and focus in the ring from our OIC, Julia with her amazing Golden Annie. A bit of dutch courage earned her an extra two points in the first comp!

Julia & Annie – 93 & 91 pts for a 1st and 3rd in Excellent A

Smiles all round. Annie always has a spring in her step and her tail in the air!
Beautiful Heeling from Annie.
They may be obedient but that doesn’t stop a little bit of rebellion!

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