RDOC Opportunity to Expand

As some of you may know, we have been in discussions with Redlands Coast Council to move from our current site to the other car park adjacent to Judy Holt Cricket Field 2.

This is a long term plan and is no way set in stone. There are many pieces to fall into place before this can happen. This would also require significant investment to provide a facility that would support the club move in the direction it wishes to.

At our last General Meeting this was put to the attendees as down the track we will be looking for input into this plan.

At this stage we have been asked to forward an initial proposal to the council as to what a general idea of our requirements will be. This has been done and is ongoing as we look into costs of buildings and lighting.

The reasoning for this proposed move is to give us more car parking space next to the club, to give us an opportunity to expand our facility so we can have some indoor or covered space, as well as better storage for our equipment and more opportunity to utilise Judy Holt 2.

The time frame for this to happen would be about 3 years from the beginning of next financial year.

As stated above this is in no way set in stone but we will be putting things in motion to support this process if it does happen. We will also be continuing to run the club as normal in case it doesn’t.

This is not something we are pushing for, but something we will be making the most of should it go ahead.

If you want to know more please email me at president@redlandsdoc.com.au or send your questions through for the next general meeting.