Gold Coast Double Rally and Obedience Trial.

Sunny Day on the GC

Sat 11th May saw two of our members take part in the Gold Coast double Rally and Obedience Trial.

The trial consisted of two rounds of Rally O during the afternoon and a round of Obedience in the Evening.

Ruth & Biscuit competed in Rally Novice in both RallyO trials and the Obedience with Alex and Flynn joining in for the obedience trial, both doing CCD.

Our OIC Julia again headed down for support and to steward in the CCD ring as part of her judges training.

It started out ok……..

The first Rally trial, under Daphne Sellwood, was a definate case of where are we and what are we doing, as the first away trial for the pair. Biscuit had one novice qualification from a home trial but this was her first time travelling. They ended up with a score of 67 out of 100 with 75 being a qualification.

The second Rally trial, under Chris Pain, was a definite improvement with a couple of try again’s, scoring a very respectable 81 out of 100 and coming 3rd overall with a qualification.

The Obedience trial took place after the sun had gone down. Ruth and Biscuit were first in the ring. It turned out the ring had something very appealing on the starting peg, and after a few go arounds and nothing like a sit to start, they withdrew as the focus wasn’t there. It had been a long day and they were happy to leave with their RallyO qually.

“Thanks Julia!”

Alex and Flynn were next in. Some great work saw them leave the first part loosing only 10 points. They followed this up with a faultless group section. It was a tough night with only 3 dogs making it through to groups, requiring stand in to make up the numbers. Flynn did an excellent job and Alex and Flynn left with 90 out of 100 and first place on the night. That’s two CCD qualifications out of two for Alex and Flynn.

Alex and Flynn – 90 Points and First Place

Thanks go to all the judges and stewards as well as Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club for a lovely day. And also to Julia for all the work she is putting in to become an obedience judge.

Part of the judges training includes run throughs at Durak, so if anyone with a CCD level dog would like to help, the next session is on 26th June at 5pm.