Gambler Agility, Jumpers and Pairs – Redlands Agility Comp – Sept 15th 2018

A busy month for Redlands DOC continued at the weekend with our Sept Agility Competition. This months competition was a bit different from the norm including a Gamblers Ring and a Strategic Pairs compeition as well as the usual jumpers ring with participants from novice to masters.

A great turnout of helpers, the beautiful spring sunshine and a strong Redlands contingent meant it was always going to be a great day.

Sonia & Winston Redlands DOC
Sonia & Winston

Sonia and Winston topped off a great day with a  JD 600 2nd place and TITLE!

Vicki certainly worked hard to get Else round clear but unfortunately Elsa decided to that the time limit did not apply to her and missed out. But Vicki and Else did achieve Q JDX 300 2nd place.

Elsa didn’t want to look at the clock or where she was going!

Shaaron and Piper achieved Q GD 4th place. Tiny errors sealed the fate of our other Redlands members which meant no quallies for Jennie & Alfie, Sonia & Jedda, Anne & Strudel and Paulo & Chica. But a great day was had by all.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with setting up, running the canteen and stewarding. It certainly made the day a lot easier for our competitors to concentrate on competing.

Jennie and Alfie

Strategic Pairs, is an interesting agility game, where two dogs run the course, taking a number of obstacles in turn.  So dog 1 would take obstacles 1,2 &3 and then dog 2 would take 4 & 5 and so on to complete the course, but if dog 1 misses obstacle 3 then dog 2 would have to do it and then its own.

Our wonderful team members Anne & Strudel and Paulo & Chica decided to have a go at Strategic Pairs, well lets say everyone had an absolute ball and the run in no way represented the numerical order of the course, but it was great to watch! Lets hope we can get the video up here soon!