A Demo team to be proud of!

Dog looking at handler dog obedience

All the hard work and training of our demo teams turned into a very successful presentation at Redfest this year. From our Obedience Demo group, to the wonderful and mesmerising Sharon Clark with Holly and Cian and of course the athletic agility team, it was a show that enthralled the local crowds.

Check out the video here. (link to Facebook)

On what turned out to be the perfect spring day, the various teams managed to fit in 5 full demonstrations, without so much as a hiccup. (We won’t talk about Biscuit saying hello to the camels as she wasn’t strictly part of the demo team! ?)

Our obedience demo team consisted of members from class 2 onwards and everyone performed admirably. It proved to be a great learning experience for some of our younger dogs, from waiting patiently in crates between routines, to focus around large crowds and working near large animals………the aforementioned camels.

Redlands Dog Obedience Club Demo Team
Our Whole Demo Team

Sharon Clark wowed us all with a variety of top level routines, doing both DWD routines and heelwork to music, as well as showing the crowds some of her secrets. Thanks also to Sharon for helping set up the music as we had some difficulties with power at the beginning.

Sharon with Holly
Sharon with Holly

Finally our agility team demonstrated a lovely intricate and fun course that gave the crowds an insight into the technicalities of agility and tripped even some of our most experienced competitors up!

Agility Dog Winston with Sonia
Agility Dog Winston with Sonia

It was great to see dogs of all shapes, sizes and experience levels having a go and having some fun.

Demo Team

Huge thanks go to Karin and Julia for organising the routine and getting everything sorted, thanks to Carmen for all her support, taking videos every week and taking photos on the day, thanks to Sharon and Anne for their expertise with organising music, and everyone who helped load and unload all the equipment. It was a great success and it wouldn’t have been without all your help.