A weekend at Nationals – Redlands Flyball Racing, Kiama Roadtrip

Thank you so much Wollongong Wonder Woofs for hosting the 2018 Flyball Nationals at Kiama, With Redlands Flyball traveling down with all three of our Flyball teams.

The haul of trophies

And what a fantastic weekend it turned out to be for everyone at Redlands Flyball Racing Club! With weather conditions ranging from blazing heat to VERY cold with 40 knot winds thrown in just to make it interesting, our three teams did themselves proud against all the other clubs.

Turn’n’Burn in division 9 taking out 3rd place with great passing during both days.Hit’n’Burn in division 5 with a completely new racing order jelled together as a team and taking out 3rd place.

Burn’n’Bolt came out on top and placed 1st in division 2 with the added bonus of also receiving the special Maggie memorial trophy! What an amazing result!

Molly and her Trophy

Special mention too goes to Molly and Lilian, who came first in the Singles, and also to Jorja and Kelly and Bessie and Mirella, who did extremely well in the Beginners division.

A massive thank you to our amazing box loaders Matt and Justin, who, with Dave’s help, kept our teams on time and in the right ring as they set up for each race most definitely could not have done anything without their invaluable efforts!

A big thank you to our ball shaggers – Katelin, Corey, Holly and Elaine you guys rock!

A special thank you to Kelly and Lilian, who faithfully recorded the stats over the three days not the most exciting job, but so necessary. Also thank you to lorelei that took our dogs out for walkies when everyone was out in the lanes.

Well done to our team captains Mirella, Kym and Craig – who encouraged, cheered on and guided their teams to achieving at their best. Last of all, and most importantly, a BIG cheer for our wonderful fur babies who ran, jumped, turned, barked, and generally did what they do best trying to please their ‘hoomans’ while having the time of their life!

Bring on the 2019 Nationals! (But let’s have a little well-earned break first…)

Gambler Agility, Jumpers and Pairs – Redlands Agility Comp – Sept 15th 2018

A busy month for Redlands DOC continued at the weekend with our Sept Agility Competition. This months competition was a bit different from the norm including a Gamblers Ring and a Strategic Pairs compeition as well as the usual jumpers ring with participants from novice to masters.

A great turnout of helpers, the beautiful spring sunshine and a strong Redlands contingent meant it was always going to be a great day.

Sonia & Winston Redlands DOC
Sonia & Winston

Sonia and Winston topped off a great day with a  JD 600 2nd place and TITLE!

Vicki certainly worked hard to get Else round clear but unfortunately Elsa decided to that the time limit did not apply to her and missed out. But Vicki and Else did achieve Q JDX 300 2nd place.

Elsa didn’t want to look at the clock or where she was going!

Shaaron and Piper achieved Q GD 4th place. Tiny errors sealed the fate of our other Redlands members which meant no quallies for Jennie & Alfie, Sonia & Jedda, Anne & Strudel and Paulo & Chica. But a great day was had by all.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with setting up, running the canteen and stewarding. It certainly made the day a lot easier for our competitors to concentrate on competing.

Jennie and Alfie

Strategic Pairs, is an interesting agility game, where two dogs run the course, taking a number of obstacles in turn.  So dog 1 would take obstacles 1,2 &3 and then dog 2 would take 4 & 5 and so on to complete the course, but if dog 1 misses obstacle 3 then dog 2 would have to do it and then its own.

Our wonderful team members Anne & Strudel and Paulo & Chica decided to have a go at Strategic Pairs, well lets say everyone had an absolute ball and the run in no way represented the numerical order of the course, but it was great to watch! Lets hope we can get the video up here soon!



A Demo team to be proud of!

Dog looking at handler dog obedience

All the hard work and training of our demo teams turned into a very successful presentation at Redfest this year. From our Obedience Demo group, to the wonderful and mesmerising Sharon Clark with Holly and Cian and of course the athletic agility team, it was a show that enthralled the local crowds.

Check out the video here. (link to Facebook)

On what turned out to be the perfect spring day, the various teams managed to fit in 5 full demonstrations, without so much as a hiccup. (We won’t talk about Biscuit saying hello to the camels as she wasn’t strictly part of the demo team! ?)

Our obedience demo team consisted of members from class 2 onwards and everyone performed admirably. It proved to be a great learning experience for some of our younger dogs, from waiting patiently in crates between routines, to focus around large crowds and working near large animals………the aforementioned camels.

Redlands Dog Obedience Club Demo Team
Our Whole Demo Team

Sharon Clark wowed us all with a variety of top level routines, doing both DWD routines and heelwork to music, as well as showing the crowds some of her secrets. Thanks also to Sharon for helping set up the music as we had some difficulties with power at the beginning.

Sharon with Holly
Sharon with Holly

Finally our agility team demonstrated a lovely intricate and fun course that gave the crowds an insight into the technicalities of agility and tripped even some of our most experienced competitors up!

Agility Dog Winston with Sonia
Agility Dog Winston with Sonia

It was great to see dogs of all shapes, sizes and experience levels having a go and having some fun.

Demo Team

Huge thanks go to Karin and Julia for organising the routine and getting everything sorted, thanks to Carmen for all her support, taking videos every week and taking photos on the day, thanks to Sharon and Anne for their expertise with organising music, and everyone who helped load and unload all the equipment. It was a great success and it wouldn’t have been without all your help.

A spring day to remember………Redlands RallyO

Redlands Dog Obedience Club Inc held their Double Rally Trial today, Sunday, 2nd September.

Huge thank you to our judges Mr Chris Pain and Mrs Daphne Sellwood and to all our Stewards and Helpers.

It was a beautiful day, sun shining, not too hot, not to windy, it was just right.

A couple of our members ventured into the ring for the first time today.

Kym Gralton and Mr Wilson did very well with 95 pts and 1st place in Novice in the first trial, and 83 pts and 2nd place in the 2nd trial.

Ruth Harrison and Biscuit also scored well, despite a pesky magpie, gaining 82 pts and 4th place in Novice in Trial 1.

Sonia Austin and Jedda got their first qualification in Excellent A with 87 pts and 2nd place in Trial 2.

Other highlights of the day –

a PERFECT score of 100 from Caroline Strainig and Adam in Master in Trial 1.

RAE title gained by Des and Sandra Strong with their Border Collie – RO Ch T Ch Kolorko In Your Dreams CDX RE

Rally Championship title gained by Margaret West and her Border Collie – O Gr Ch Fidelis Diamonds N Pearls ET UDX RM

Lovely to see everyone happy and applauding for the achievements of other competitors.