Sunday 17th June 2018 Karen Sadler Advanced Obedience Workshop – by Anne Cleave

Despite some initial organisation hiccups finding somewhere to hold this workshop everything came together on the day at Sel Outridge Park at Redland Bay, a picturesque spot right on Moreton Bay.  We set up under the shade of the large Moreton Bay Fig trees that edged the park but despite the day being very sunny, a cold westerly wind was blowing so we had a constantly moving line of chairs following the sun as everyone tried to keep warm.

We started in the shade of the trees but were more than happy to get out into the sun to warm up


As we’ve grown to expect from previous workshops with Karen, she passed on heaps of information during the day on training the exercises that have to be completed in Open, UD and UDX competition – how to start the training for these often-complex tasks and how to eventually meld everything together to achieve a polished and proofed performance in the competition ring.

Exercises at the start were designed to get dogs focused on the handler


Workshop attendees were given lots of opportunities to get out in the sun with their dogs to put into practice the information that had just been given on a particular exercise and overall our dogs excelled and also had a great time as they learned new things throughout the day.  They would have all slept well that night.


Here’s Annie driving hard to get to the box for the directed jump
Introduction to scent work for Jedda
Elsa takes a tight turn on her directed jump