Welcome to Redlands Dog Obedience Club.

We are a not-for-profit dog obedience club run solely by local volunteers. We train using kind and effective methods, promoting the use of reward-based training.

Our club is affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) and therefore adhere to their policies and procedures. We also hold ANKC sanctioned events at our facility, relying on our members to assist with the smooth running of events.

What do we do?

At Redlands we offer:

  • Obedience training, for pet dogs and for competition
  • Agility
  • Dances with Dogs
  • Tricks
  • Scent Works

Unfortunately, we can not offer solutions for problem behaviours such as

  • Stranger directed barking and lunging
  • Dog direct barking and lunging
  • separation anxiety resulting in interruptions to lifestyle

Where to start:

  1. Follow us on Facebook
  2. Sign up to attend an induction – here
  3. Attend the induction
  4. Join a class that fits your needs

Where can you find us?

Judy Holt Recreational Reserve, via Old Cleveland Road East