Trophy Applications 2019

Jan Dixon, our Trial Secretary is managing the trophies and awards for the end of year Awards Night which will be on Wednesday 4th Dec 2019.

RDOC members have achieved a lot of Titles this year, so to make it easier to get the Awards ready, we have asked the coordinators of Obedience, Rally O, Flyball, Agility and Dances with Dogs to draw up a list of dogs who have gained a title in their discipline this year between 1/11/18 – 31/10/19. 

If you have achieved a title in this time period you will need to provide to your coordinator a copy of your Title Certificates and give them your plaque if you already have one, for engraving.

If this is the first time you have achieved a title, you will be provided with a club plaque.

If you have gained a Title in another dog sport recognised by DQ, please apply direct to Jan on: or in person at the Club.

Redfest Fun & Games

This year saw the club take on Redfest over both days, with the Obedience, Agility and DWD display teams taking the limelight on the Sat and Flyball teams, including four from Redlands Flyball Racing gathering the crowds on the Sunday.

Our Sat Demo team!

It was an early start on both days with numerous pieces of equipment to set up, peg down and plug in. Saturday proved to be very windy so careful layout out and pegging down was required.

Whilst the crowds weren’t huge, the efforts of all the participants were well appreciated. Across the day there were a multitude of displays and demonstrations.

Sonia and Winston showing the crowd a trick.

As usual Sharon and Holly captivated the crowd with their routines, but this year they were joined by, Anne, Paulo, Caroline and Soina in both a group routine with Strudle, Chicca and Winston, as well as Caroline and Adam doing their Ekka winning routine. It was amazing to see how far they had all come and how much they were all loving playing up to the crowd.

Tess and Layla

Not to be outdone, our Agility teams showed off their versatility and expertise with some great runs in tough, hot and windy conditions. Again we were placed next to the camels which proved a distraction to some more than others.

We had a variety of obedience displays, with all different levels showing their skills. It was great to see how far they had come and how well they worked in what was a hugely distracting environment.

All in all it was a great day, which was down to the hard work of all the participants, in both training for the event and setting it up!

Sunday saw the Redlands Flyball Racing Teams take to the Spring Sensations Competition. It has been a long season for our teams and with the Nationals fast approaching, the end of the season is in sight.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, child, tree, outdoor and nature

Another hot and windy day meant interesting conditions for racing but there were a couple of individual bests, including, Kelly and Jorja for running a pb of 4.5sec and Donna and Pippa with their pb of 5.6 sec.

Burn n Bolt also ran a new Queensland record of 17.147 seconds. What an amazing result.

Image may contain: 5 people, people standing, child, grass, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing, shoes, grass, tree, child, sky, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, grass, sky, child, outdoor and nature
Lilian with her Prizes.

Final Results on the day for Redlands were,

Red Plus 2nd in open Div

Burn n Action 2nd Div 4

Back n Action 3rd Div 1

Burn n Bolt 2nd Div 1

Not bad results after a long year and the big one still to come! Huge thanks to the sponsors who helped make it a great day, in particular Ivory Coat.

As you see this was a huge weekend for the club, so there are quite a few thanks to go around. In no particular order,

Craig and Edna for keeping on top of all the comps this year and continuing to organise everything with four teams.

Kate Hutchinson for her amazing packing and driving skills.

Karin Burns for getting the demo team ready.

Julia Fenton for just being everywhere.

Pauline Oldman for continuing to support all aspects of the flyball team.

And everyone else that helps out and keeps the club running. We really couldn’t attend these events without a huge amount of effort and support. So thank you everyone.

EKKA success for Redlands!

Redlands Dog Obedience Club was well represented and very successful in the Dog Sports at the Royal Queensland Show i.e. the ‘Ekka’ this year.

Sunday 18th August was the main dog sports day at the Ekka which holds competitions in Rally O, Agility and Dances with Dogs.

Sharon & Holly- part of the Ekka routine
 photo by Pawsnap

Sharon Clark and her Border Collie, Holly brought home 2 Qualifications and a load of great prizes in her sport of Dances with Dogs. They won both the Advanced Heelwork to Music and Advanced Freestyle DWD classes as well as achieving the overall highest score prize for DWD.

Sharon’s Border Collie
Cian doing his crossed paws moves
Photo by Pawsnap

Sharon’s other Border Collie, Cian who is now retired, did a demo in the non-titling rookie class which was a really lovely routine and well received by the crowd.

A very tired Adam with some of his prizes at home afterwards and with his masters prize at the Ekka.

Caroline Strainig and her Border Collie, Adam won Heelwork to Music Starters. Caro and Adam have only started learning DWD this year, basically since Adam retired from Agility. He excels at Obedience and loves to learn new tricks, so Heelwork to Music was his next challenge and Caro says he learns the tricks really quickly.

DWD is a fairly recent sport and is now a fast growing discipline in Queensland. If you love music and walking with your dog, then Heelwork to Music might be for you. In traditional Obedience, the dog heels on the handler’s left side, but in HTM the dog heels on either side, in front or behind the handler and may be going forwards or backwards. The dog and handler complete a routine to music where a minimum of 70% must be a heelwork position, and the remaining up to 30% can be freestyle or transition moves.

DWD also includes a freestyle section which involves the dog doing exercises like spins, weave through the handler’s legs, reversing up, chin-rests, bows and any other tricks you can teach your dog. The dog does not need to work close to the handler so can be sent in large circles around the handler or to a target further away. The routine is choreographed to music and the different levels of difficulty start at one minute for the Starter group going up to 4 minute routines for the Advanced level. However, it is not just a series of tricks – it’s a well-choreographed routine and has a variety of moves and flows smoothly.

Max & Sassi

Sassi and her winnings.

DWD is a fun sport to watch as well as to participate in. The dogs seem to love doing tricks and the Handler is able to talk to their dog while listening to their favourite music!

Max & Sassi  on the morning of the Ekka show

The Rally O competition was held undercover on real turf this year, however it did have some very well worn patches by the time Rally started. The conditions at the Ekka are very distracting for dogs. The grounds have lots of unusual and tempting smells after being used by hundreds of different dogs over the 10 day Ekka period. Also, there’s a person commenting over a loud speaker, the crowd clapping as well as people hanging over the fence dangling hot chips or Dagwood dogs and children trying out their latest toy army machine guns from the Army Action Show bag or throwing their Buzz Lightyear squishy up in the air! Even walking into the Ekka can be nerve racking for the dogs as they have to walk through the crowds with all the noise, food and tempting smells to get there. It’s a real challenge.

Caro and Adam competed in Rally O Masters and Excellent B and won both competitions. They have competed at the Ekka in previous years and although Adam is quite relaxed and an extremely reliable dog, Caro, understandably, still felt a touch of the nerves on the day.

Carol Ward also competed in Rally with her 2 Borders, Sassi and Max. Both dogs qualified in Novice Rally and came second and third respectively. Carol has recently started competing in Rally and this was only their third Rally O trial since they started in mid-June this year. Sassi has had the Ekka experience before, but it was in 2012 and this year was a completely different set up and new area. It was Max’s first time at the Ekka and he did well to handle that environment with all the waiting around all day, having fireworks go off twice during the Agility runs and bands going past!

On the same day, that afternoon, Carol also competed successfully in Agility with Sassi achieving a first in Masters Jumping 400, a second in Masters Agility 400 and a third in overall all heights in Masters Jumping and a qualification and 6th place in overall heights in ADO. These are fantastic results especially as this sport draws a big crowd and although the crowd noises of cheering and clapping spooked Sassi a little, she managed to keep focused.

It’s a big day for both the dogs and their handlers, so it’s no wonder someone, who shall remain nameless, had other things on their mind when they parked their car that morning and subsequently ‘allegedly’ forgot where it was in the King Street carpark that afternoon. Fortunately, they could ‘phone a friend’ who had also parked near them to help locate said car!

All the RDOC members who participated at the Show said it was such a great day and was so much fun.

Well done to these 3 ladies and their dogs for braving the demanding conditions of the Ekka and doing so well against some tough competition in their respective dog sports.

You don’t have to have a Border Collie to compete in these sports, but it looks like there is a theme happening here!

All Dog Sports Spectacular

Sunday 25th August 2019

Ruth at the RDOC stand ready to go

On Sunday 25th August, Dogs Queensland hosted its annual All Dog Sports Spectacular at its Durack showgrounds. Dogs of all shapes, sizes and colours attended. It is one of the biggest canine one day events of the year in Queensland. The All Dog Sports Spectacular highlights everything in dog sports for the pedigree as well as cross bred dogs.

Some of our new merchandise that can now be purchased at the shed at reduced prices for members. The licki mats were flying out the door at the ADSS.

Different dog breeds were originally specifically bred for different purposes, to work, to assist and serve human kind. Nowadays, a lot of their jobs are no longer required; therefore our modern dogs can now be trained for fun and sport. The All Dog Sports Spectacular celebrates all the wonderful activities you and your family can be involved in with your canine family member and it was all there in the one place. 

There were stalls selling dog equipment, dog treats, toys and dog food, as well as stalls giving out free show bags and samples and games and competitions. This year they had a fire truck display compete with delightful Dalmatians for photo opportunities.

Kate and Charli and Ice Cream
Ruth and Biscuit, visiting Vicki and Elsa at the agility tent!

We had Ruth, Wendy, Nicky, and Sally Anne manning the RDOC gazebo and selling dog leads, licki mats and bowls. The show grounds are huge so there was plenty of space for parking, and for each sport to be far enough away from each other. There was space for camping as well as an off lead dog park on the grounds, everything your canine desired

Elsa the flying Beagle

There were so many dog sports on offer, such as Agility, Fly ball, Obedience, Rally O, Dances with Dogs, Gun Dog Retrieving, Tracking, Lure Coursing, and Duck Herding, just to name a few.

Vicki, Shaaron and Sonia

One of the most popular, exciting and action packed dog sports is the Agility and Jumping. Redlands Dog Obedience Club had Shaaron and her brindle Boxers, Piper and Nelson doing well with Nelson achieving a qualification in JD. It was a tough course, with lots of distractions and the day was quite warm so unfortunately no more quallies for the day. Kate did come close to qualifying, but with the newer, tighter rules, unfortunately for Charli, any hesitation is counted as a refusal. Sonia and Winston also came close with a nice run but he was feeling the heat and just clipped one of the bars. Shaaron also ran her other Boxer, Piper who had a clear run in Master Jumping, but it was just over time, so didn’t qualify. Vicki said today Elsa just went “Beagle!”

At the far end of the grounds, where things were a bit quieter, were the Obedience and Rally O rings. We had club members Caroline and Julia competing in Rally O and Colleen competing in both Rally and Obedience. It was hot and dusty and a lot of the dogs were feeling the heat.

Caroline and her black and white Border Collie, Groot did well and gained First place in Rally O Advance which gave him his RA Title.

Some of our Flyballers getting ready to RUN!

Fly-ball is another increasingly popular dog sport that is fast and action packed. The noise was deafening and the excitement was palpable! We had two Redlands teams competing. Both teams delivered excellent performances winning their respective divisions despite the warm and dusty conditions making it slightly challenging for the dogs. This sport attracts a bit of a crowd and it was great to see so many members of the public come over to watch.

In the Dances with Dogs arena we had Sharon and her Border Collie Holly doing very well. They gained several first placings in DWD Advanced freestyle. Caroline and Adam also fitted in some time for some successful dancing. They had 2 firsts in DWD Starter Freestyle.

Sharon and Holly Dancing to New York

Overall  it was an entertaining day out and the dogs enjoyed all the interesting sights, sounds and smells. So if you are interested in trying out some fun dog sports with your dog it would be well worth a visit for next year. The venue is dog friendly and child friendly so it’s a great day out for the whole family. Your dog doesn’t have to be a pedigree or a specific breed to do these sports, although choosing the most suitable sport usually depends on the personality and natural drive of the individual dog.

Whatever you decide, you and your dog will no longer be satisfied with just going for a walk around the block when you see all the fun activities on offer!

Redlands RallyO Wrap

The last day in August saw Jan Dixon pull together yet another faultless trial. With a whopping 80+ entries and 4 judges over two trials, it was all over by 10pm with minimum fuss and lots of qualifications and even a few titles!

The evening was calm and a little on chilly side, but our judges Cyn. D Fisher, Desmond Strong, Olaf Moller and Bevan Stewart set up some interesting and challenging courses that kept all our entrants on their toes. Thank you to our judges for their time and expertise on the night.

We had not only a significant number of entrants but volunteers galore which meant our competitors could concentrate on competing. A massive thanks to all our stewards and canteen helpers, Colleen, Brendan, Sallyanne, Sue, Kiera, Carmen, Anne, and Dawn, as well as a few others. We really can’t run these events without your help.

The evening started off with the usual walk of the course, with Bevan taking his competitors around his ring going through all the elements in great detail. A number of the competitors mentioned how helpful this was, especially on what was a complex and challenging course.

Bevan showing the competitors around the Excellent A course
Jennie isn’t sure this course is for her!

Not only were the courses excellent, Redlands came home with a bucket load of qualifications!

Caro & Adam – 98 & 100 pts and 2 x 1st s  in Master

Caro on her perfect, 100 pt run out with Adam.

Caro & Groot – 86 pts and qualification in Excellent A

Alex & Flynn – 99 & 96 pts and 2 x 1st s in Novice and RN TITLE!!! Off to Advanced for Alex and Flynn, great work.

Not a bad effort from Alex and Flynn, one pesky mark away from a perfect score!

Carol is quickly showing us how it is done with more quallies and placings for both Max and Sassi.

Carol & Max – 93 & 83 pts and a 1st and 2nd  in Advanced A

Carol & Sassi – 89 & 89 pts and a 1st and 2nd  in Advanced A

After an aborted start Nicky and Ada got it together to bring home the bacon.

Nicky & Ada – 93pts in Novice and RN TITLE!!!

Nicky and Ada heading to Advanced next time out.

First timers Glennis & Ruby used the familirity of home ground to gain their first qualification in Novice with 82 pts! Well done, we are looking forward to see this pair going onwards.

A relieved Glennis at the end of their first ever run out.

Sonia and Jedda had a great day out and used the familiarity of home turf to great effect and awesome results.

Sonia & Jedda – 94 & 95pts and 2 x 1st s in Advanced A

Sonia & Jedda – 93 & 89pts and 2 x 1st s in Excellent A

Fantastic results from Sonia and Jedda

Jennie & Alfie continue to forge through the comps with more qualifications and placings, with 84 & 92 pts and a 2nd  in Excellent A.

As usual great focus from Alfie.
You get two extra chances in RallyO and here is Jennie having a second go at an exercise. These can make the difference between and qualification and not qualifying.

Finally another great exhibition of fun and focus in the ring from our OIC, Julia with her amazing Golden Annie. A bit of dutch courage earned her an extra two points in the first comp!

Julia & Annie – 93 & 91 pts for a 1st and 3rd in Excellent A

Smiles all round. Annie always has a spring in her step and her tail in the air!
Beautiful Heeling from Annie.
They may be obedient but that doesn’t stop a little bit of rebellion!

You can view more photos here

Virginia’s Victories!

Nathalie and Virginia at EKKA 2019

Virginia is your typical gentle Whippet, she’s a 5 year old quiet and dignified lady who loves to run fast chasing a ball. She is also just as content to lie around the house and chill most of the day along with her house mates Chi Chi, a Greyhound, Rupert, another Whippet and Rexington, a Whippet Border Collie cross.

Originally Virginia was a show dog. Show dogs compete in shows and are judged on conformation. Some Show dogs have to spend hours being groomed, trimmed, and blow dried, but luckily for Virginia her coat is short, smooth and close so grooming doesn’t take too long.

She was retired from Showing and rehomed to Nathalie approximately 2 years ago. Nathalie trains Rexington in Flyball and couldn’t resist giving it a try with Virginia. Whippets are known to be difficult to train so this was considered to be a fun challenge. It was a bit of a slow start learning flyball. One time at a competition Virginia decided she didn’t want to run as she was more interested in going to say hello to a complete stranger holding a cup of coffee. Nathalie had to take her out of the ring to go over and meet him. Having a friendly dog that likes to meet new people can be a distraction at competitions. But now after 18 months of training, Virginia has recently gained her Australian Flyball

Virginia in training

Champion Title. Virginia really enjoys Flyball. She enjoys running fast and being very food motivated, she really enjoys all the food rewards at the end of a run!

Nathalie is fairly new to Showing, but this year she entered Virginia in the Royal Queensland Show or as it is more commonly known, the “Ekka” and won BEST NEUTER WHIPPET, BEST NEUTER IN GROUP

And finally BEST NEUTER IN SHOW. The competition involved Virginia winning her breed class which was against other Whippets on Friday 9th August, then competing against all the other dogs in her breed Group. This Group 4 includes all Hounds such as Beagles, Bassets, Afghans, Borzois and many more. There were 14 other Neuter dog breeds that made it through to challenge Best in Group. Virginia won that also, which meant she went back on Saturday 17th August to compete against Neuters in all the Groups from 1-7. The Groups include all the dog types such as Toys, Terriers, Gun dogs, Working Dogs, Utility, Non Sporting dogs and Hounds. Virginia won this as well which made her Best Neuter in Show. Quite a complicated and lengthy process and a fantastic achievement, especially against so many different breeds of dogs!


Showing at the Ekka and even in competing in Flyball is a very distracting environment for dogs. There are lots of people, loud unusual noises and new and interesting smells everywhere. The loud speaker and blaring music can make Virginia a little nervous at times, but generally she goes really well at shows and takes it all in her stride.

It is great to see that a successful Show dog can also be a successful Flyball competition dog.

Well done to Nathalie and Virginia and congratulations on your very prestigious achievements!

Christmas Market – Dec 8th

Redlands Dog Obedience Club is hosting a Christmas Market.

This will be a dog friendly market with local stalls and pop ups.

The Market will run from 8am – 2pm.

The cost of stalls will be $24 and will not have power.

No food vans or stalls.

Looking to support the club? Find out more – Here.

Want to sign up for the market? Vendor Booking Form – Here.

Peta Clarke Workshops

27th/28th/29th Sept 2019

Peta is dedicated to educating humans about the incredible relationship you can have with an animal when you approach them as equals.

After 25yrs working as a professional trainer with many different species of animals both in Australia & USA. Peta has witnessed time and time again the value of establishing partnership over dominance, turst over respect and compassion over commands. This works just as well on stage in front of thousands on the set of a million dollar blockbuster, in the trial ring or in your own living room.

Peta has trained animals for stage and film, has an extraordinary depth of experience with working with a wide range of animals. While Peta’s first love is working with dogs, her experiences in the field of animal training ranges from elephants to goldfish. As a trainer & presenter of animal shows in zoos, she has had the opportunity to work with many exotic animals, but focused her work mostly on free-flighted birds & marine mammals.

Whether it is a seal or a seagull, Peta has found that every interaction with different species taught her more about being a good dog trainer.

She believes working with free-flighted birds was a real turning point in her understanding of the power of reinforcement training.

 “I thought I was using positive reinforcement well when I would work with dogs, but after I started training birds  – animals that can just fly away if they are not interested in you, and later seals  – animals that could kill you if they wanted to, I realised that being a good animal trainer isn’t just about results, but treating animals with respect and empathy. Thing is when you treat animals in this way your training results improve dramatically. “I have learned that if an animal does not feel safe and secure with you they can never give you their best”.

As well as a career as an exotic animal trainer, Peta also works extensively in the Film and Theatre Industry.  Her credits include “Babe II”, “Superman Returns”, “Wolverine”, “Hacksaw Ridge”, “The Square”, “Top End Wedding” (2019) and many other local films and literally hundreds of television commercials. Some of her favourite memories working animals on set have come from working the Kleenex Labrador puppies for ad campaigns from around the world. Hard work, she says, but always amazing how quickly an 8-week old puppy can learn when there is no threat or fear.

One of the biggest challenges of her career has been training and working the dogs for the Australian production of Legally Blonde the Musical. “Training and working Chihuahuas and bulldogs for live theatre, performing in eight shows a week in front of two thousand people is a sure way to humble yourself as a trainer,” she says.

Peta also runs her own animal training and consultancy business, Animal Training Solutions based out of Sydney, Australia. Peta consults on both pet dog and parrot behaviour & training issues for companion owners and consults extensively with wildlife parks and zoos worldwide on improved training practices and show development.

Peta Clarke is a Nationally Accredited Trainer, holding her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is a sought-after lecturer in Australia

We are excited to have Peta join us with seminars about positive reinforcement, shaping behaviours & also to run some Noseworks/scentworks workshops.

Nose works is one of the worlds fastest growing dog sports. As well as being fun for both dogs & owners this sport has fantastic therapeutic benefits for anxious, nervous and reactive dogs.  

The workshop is designed to leave you with a understanding of how just playing a game with your dog can increase their confidence and mental wellbeing. Any breed can excel at Nose work. Peta’s enthusiasm is contagious and her presentation will a highly popular event, so don’t miss out!

We will be running 5 separate events over the weekend of the 27th/28th/29th September.

Friday Night – Positive Reinforcement and Training SeminarEnquire Here – $35

Saturday/Sunday – 4 Hr Workshops – 7 Working Spots Per Workshop & Max 12 Auditing Spots.

Nosework for BeginnersInquire Here – Working Spot $100 Auditing $35 – inc Morning Tea/Lunch

Free ShapingEnquire Here – Working Spot $100 – Auditing $35 – Inc Morning Tea/Lunch

Nosework for Behavior ModificationInquire Here Working Spot $100 – Auditing $35 Inc Lunch/Afternoon Tea

Advanced NoseworksInquire Here Working Spot $100 – Auditing $35 – Inc Lunch/Afternoon Tea

There will be limited working and auditing spots. We will be taking expressions of interest in each subject and classes will be allocated accordingly.

All spots must be paid for within 1 week of acceptance of your spot.

Redfest 2019 – 7th/8th Sept

Redlands Dog Obedience Club will be taking part in Redfest again this year.

Saturday 7th September will see the Obedience, Agility and DWD teams take the stage with a variety of demonstrations and interactive shows.

Sunday 8th September will see the Redlands flyball teams host other Queensland teams in a thrilling Flyball competition.

We will be looking for volunteers to take part in the event, by helping to set up, talking to the crowd, handing out fliers, taking part in our demonstration class and selling merchandise.

If you think you would like to help out, drop us a line to

Redlands on Fire 8th June 2019

Redlands Flyball will be holding their Redlands on Fire competition at the Birkdale grounds on the 8 June 2019.  Everyone is invited to come along and support Redlands teams competing on the day. There have been 12 teams nominated to race on the day from clubs around Brisbane.  So there will be some quick racing.

If you have a dog that loves to run Flyball may be for you.  The competition commences at 9.00am – approximately 4.00pm and there will be food and drinks for sale on the day.  Come along and bring a chair to watch the dogs competing.

We would like to thank all our sponsors including our major sponsor Ivory Coat who have provided the competition prizes for the day. 

Don’t forget to bring along your change to buy your raffle tickets. Redlands Flyball Racing have managed to secure a great range of prizes.